Welcome to Stretch by Lebo Pule

    AAbout Us

    In 2017 Lebo Pule established a Facebook group named Stretch With Lebo Pule with the sole purpose of sharing and imparting valuable information that will educate, inform, enrich, inspire, build as well as empower the members of the group experience fulfilling, authentic, healed and beautiful lives. 

    The information she shares with them is sourced from the hundreds of books she has read since age 22 which includes indigenous knowledge, ancient wisdom on self-development, healing and spirituality from many cultures around the world. 

    She also share a lot of her lived experiences and lessons she has learnt along this beautiful but messy journey of being human. 

    The subjects she touches on are not new nor unique to her, they are subjects that human beings have been wrestling with for thousands of years. 

    As a natural teacher, all she does  is simply add her own unique voice and understanding. She has been gifted with the ability of simplifying very complex concepts. 

    THE SET UP  

    Stretch with Lebo Pule is set up such that it is an online ‘school’ the members of the group receive a 9 month long curriculum. Each month has a unique theme with specific lessons. 

    These lessons are delivered three times a week, Monday to Wednesday - Members receive these lessons with exercises directly from the site using their log in codes. 

    On Thursdays it is member engagement day, they engage and share with other students on what they  have learnt, experienced and share aha moments’ etc from the lessons – the members engagement is done in the private Facebook group. 

    The Facebook group offers an opportunity to meet other stretchers, members get to see that they are not alone in this journey of stretching, healing and growing. 

    Not only that, as part of the Facebook Group Lebo will introduce them to other teachers, coaches and healers. She brings them in the group once every month under the theme ‘Coaches and Guests Week’ The coaches and guests’ role is to teach and share on specific subject matters where they have expertise. Subjects such as: 

    1. Money 

    2. Holistic Health and Wellness 

    2. Relationships 

    3. Sex And Sexuality 

    4. Self – Mastery and leadership 

    5. Parenting 

    And many more 


    - Stretch is for anyone who feels that there is more to life than meets the eye. 

    - Stretch is for anyone who yearns to live a more authentic, more real and powerful life. 

    - If you are tired of masks, pretences and mediocrity in your life. If you are tired or feel like you are living a double life, then stretch is for you. 

    - It is for anyone who wants to find their voice, their confidence, their creativity and purpose 

    - It is also for anyone battling with things such as bad temper, anger, bitterness, jealousy, money problems, relationship dramas. 

    - It is for anyone who is curious about life works at a spiritual level and how it affects you daily. The link between your spiritual self and your human self. 

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